Captive Animals

These images are of the Ambassador Wolves at the International Wolf Center in Ely, MN.
It was a privilege and honor to be asked to photograph the 2016 Arctic Wolf Pups behind the scenes.


_BTS1 - Chin Rest_BTS1 - Crisscross_BTS1 - Double Trouble_BTS1 - Fine and Dandy_BTS1 - Nose to Nose_BTS1 - Rough and Tumble_BTS1 - Tail Pull_BTS1 - That's My Ear!_BTS2 - Growing Up Fast_BTS2 - Let's Stick Together_BTS2 - My What Big Teeth You Have_BTS2 - Toothy Grin_BTS3 - Checking out Grizzer _BTS3 - Looking at Luna_BTS3 - Relaxing _BTS4 - I think I can bring this down_BTS4 - More Sniffing_BTS4 - Ready for Action_BTS4 - Resting_BTS4 - Sniffing the Fungi_BTS4 - Stance_BTS4 - Standing over You _BTS4 - Working those teeth_BTS5 - Big Stretch_BTS5 - Drink_BTS5 - Full Body Stretch_BTS5 - Licking my Chops_BTS5 - Looking at You_BTS5 - Relaxing in the Shade_BTS5 - Tasty Deer Leg_BTS5 - The Look_BTS6 - Backlit_BTS6 - Bunkbeds II_BTS6 - Checking out Grizzer through the Fence_BTS6 - Chew Toy _BTS6 - Content_BTS6 - Favorite Distraction Beaver Skull_BTS6 - Nap Time_BTS6 - Rough and Tumble Session 2_BTS8 - Intro Week - Always Playtime_BTS8 - Intro Week - Grayson Swims_BTS8 - Intro Week - Greeting the Alpha_BTS8 - Intro Week - Leader of the Pack_BTS8 - Intro Week - Learning from the Best_BTS8 - Intro Week - Loving on Boltz_BTS8 - Intro Week - Mine_BTS8 - Intro Week - Nap Time_BTS8 - Intro Week - New Adventure_BTS8 - Intro Week - Resting Position_BTS8 - Intro Week - Toe Dip_BTS8 - Intro Week - What's for Dinner - Denali and Boltz_BTS8 - Intro Week - What's for Dinner - HummingbirdAidan - fall 2016Aidan chasing ravensAidan chasing ravens IIAidan SnarlAxel ReflectionAxel stretch into the pondAxel submissive paw towards AidanBoltz covered in snowBrotherly Love - Grayson (left) %26 AxelCool ReflectionCurled Up TightDenali - looking through the glassDenali (left) %26 AidanDenali covered in snowDuetEnd of Autumn - AidanExhibit Pack Dynamics Gotcha!Grayson (left) %26 DenaliGrayson and the RavenGrayson walking the logGrizzer - autumnGrizzer - behind the leavesGrizzer - behind the twig archGrizzer - full bodyGrizzer - profileGrizzer with tongue lickHead DownKeeping Watch - GraysonLuna rear end outLuna rolling in the snowMuddy PawsOn the MovePFS2016_01PFS2016_02PFS2016_03PFS2016_04PFS2016_05PFS2016_06PFS2016_07PFS2016_08PFS2016_09PFS2016_10PFS2016_11PFS2016_12Play TimeSpots!The Big ShakeWinter Pups - Arctic Wolves, Grayson (left) and Axel

Throughout the world there are a large variety of educational centers that provide scientific information and learning opportunities that are structured to create a positive attitude of respect toward wildlife in general. As we learn to accept the animals and live within the wild lands that they need to survive, surely we will also learn to coexistence with them.